Interapt Skills is Filling the Technology Skills Gap

Our immersive course quickly prepares individuals for entry-level software development careers.

We believe in teaching 3 core skills:

Technical skills

Software and coding skills that are relevant and necessary for the technology economy

Business skills

Skills critical for the contemporary worker, including teamwork, management, running a meeting, and showing up on time

Life skills

Skills necessary for life outside of the workforce, including personal budgeting and planning

Program Options


Interapt Skills is a registered apprenticeship program in the State of Kentucky. Adults who go through our intensive one-year program receive a financial stipend to help them focus on learning new and life-changing skills. Learn more

High school

Interapt offers a modified program specifically for high school students. Learn More

Why are coding skills needed?

The skills gap leaves highly-paid positions unfilled

How does this affect Kentucky?

There’s a growing talent gap in Kentucky, and it will continue to increase over time

Interapt Skills has helped people get out of poverty

Student outcomes

First cohort highlights


of incoming students were unemployed or under-employed


of our incoming students received tech job offers they couldn't have earned without Interapt Skills


of students who made it through Phase 1 received tech job offers

Of those employed, incoming salaries were well below $25,000 per year; average salaries for graduates were $41,000 per year

“I’d been working as a summer maintenance guy at our local pool. Interapt Skills has been a complete blessing. Never did I think I could be developing programs and software for a company that makes apps for people all around the world.”

Lucas Lell, Release Engineer and Interapt Skills Graduate

“Before the program I was unemployed. My husband had lost his job and we had to sell our home and move to Pikeville to live with his family. We were really concerned that we weren’t going to be able to get back on our feet. My husband wasn’t able to find a job and I wasn’t able to find anything up until the program. Now, I make enough money where we just signed a lease on an apartment.  We are getting out of our in-laws home. And, we are able to get back on our feet and give our kids what they need and they deserve, and try to make things a little better.”

Crystal Adkins, Android Developer and Interapt Skills Graduate

“The Interapt Skills program has been a great opportunity to learn something I never thought I would have the ability to learn–not because of lack of ability or anything like that, because we are all smart here, but lack of opportunity. We live in Eastern Kentucky.  McLaughlin County is where I’m from, which has the highest unemployment rate in the state at 17%.  So, you never expect that kind of thing to come here.”

Travis Tressler, Android Developer and Interapt Skills Graduate

“The Interapt Skills program gave me the tools I needed to work in the tech field in Eastern Kentucky that I didn’t have before. Without this program I wouldn’t have been able to get this type of position that I have in this type of environment that we live in.”

Nicholas Hall, Quality Assurance Engineer and Interapt Skills Graduate

Lucas Lell

Release Engineer

Crystal Adkins

Android Developer

Travis Tressler

Android Developer

Nicholas Hall

Quality Assurance Engineer

$17,000 - $21,000

PRE program salary range

$36,000 - $60,000

POST program salary range

“I doubled my salary twice in less than a year. I was making $400 every 2 weeks at McDonald’s, then $400 a week during the training. Now, I’m making $400 every 2.5ish days.”

Jacob Williams, Interapt Skills Graduate

Press coverage

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With new Portland headquarters, Interapt wants to bring brightest tech minds to west Louisville.

Junior Achievement

Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal participates in a set of videos for students of Junior Achievement.

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