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About the program

Interapt Skills is a Depart of Labor Registered Apprenticeship that prepares individuals for careers in software development.

Our training includes:

Technical skills

Software and coding skills that are relevant and necessary for the technology economy

Business skills

Skills critical for the contemporary worker, including teamwork, management, running a meeting, and showing up on time

Life skills

Skills necessary for life outside of the workforce, including personal budgeting and planning

Our closed loop model

Benefits of the closed loop model

Ensures that students are learning in-demand technical skills
Aligns incentives of all stakeholders to develop skilled workers
Assists with job placement for qualified students
Connects students with experienced, meaningful mentors
Integrates continuous learning beyond the initial training period

Who can benefit?


Increase skilled-labor pool with entry-level employees prepared to work

More income across our communities driving more spending in local businesses


Fewer individuals relying on government assistance

Up to 5 new jobs created for each apprentice that enters the tech industry

More than just coding

Students will be introduced and prepared to take on a variety of entry-level positions

iOS Developer

Android Developer

Teaching Assistant

UI/UX Designer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Release Engineer

Our assessment levels

Skills Levels


  • Team Lead
  • Jr. Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Development Operations
  • Tech Support
  • Counseled Out

Our curriculum overview

Businesses that will consider our graduates for jobs

Training Partners

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