Interapt Skills for High School

Participate in a rigorous introduction to computer science fundamentals, software engineering principles, and software development. Begin with basic programming concepts like variables, conditional logic, control flow, and functions. Then learn about object oriented programming, systems design, software development life cycle, mobile frameworks, UI/UX design, and how to deploy applications to the App or Play Store.

Experience a project-based, Silicon Valley environment with professional programmers. Go through the process of breaking down a project into tangible tasks and learn the skills needed to complete them.

Exit the program with a fundamental digital portfolio giving you a head start in college-level computer science programs, and a competitive edge over other applicants to universities or entry-level IT jobs. And, qualify for Kentucky Community and Technical College credit hours, Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship hours, and a certificate of completion.

Transform Eastern Kentucky, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

We believe in teaching 3 core skills:

Technical skills

Software and coding skills that are relevant and necessary for the technology economy

Business skills

Skills critical for the contemporary worker, including teamwork, management, running a meeting, and showing up on time

Life skills

Skills necessary for life outside of the workforce, including personal budgeting and planning

More than just coding

Students will be introduced and prepared to take on a variety of entry-level positions

iOS Developer

Android Developer

Teaching Assistant

UI/UX Designer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Release Engineer

Our curriculum overview

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ā€œIā€™d been working as a summer maintenance guy at our local pool. Interapt Skills has been a complete blessing. Never did I think I could be developing programs and software for a company that makes apps for people all around the world.ā€

Lucas Lell, Interapt Skills Graduate

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Together we can train students for technology careers

Transform Education Kentucky, a nonprofit that improves outcomes for all students by identifying scalable interventions, is partnering with Interapt and 5 Kentucky school districts to offer a pilot training program to teach computer coding skills to high school students.

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